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Below is a menu of the services we offer at Artemis.


Charcoal Artwork

Custom charcoal portraits and artwork are offered for a variety of clients. We also produce charcoal pieces of pop culture icons: characters, musicians, actors and more. We sell prints of all of these, but we also have some originals and even some signed originals!

Graphic Artwork

Custom graphic artwork is sold through our site as prints, with background colors that are interchangeable or transparent (if printed on glass or acrylic). You can also buy our graphic prints on apparel, phone cases and more from our TeePublic store!

Business Services

Business logos are essential for any successful company. And we can design a logo that fits your style and budget. We also offer other business services such as artwork and layouts for pamphlets, banners, presentations, fundraisers, flyers and more.

Event Decor

If you have a wedding, baby shower, formal event or just something you would like some custom handwritten decor for, we have what you're looking for. We have mirrors, antique windows, framed and unframed glass/acrylic for event signs for rent. Or you can can purchase more custom pieces of your choice.


Service Prices

This is only a basic list of prices.

For exact pricing, please refer to our Contact page and email the corresponding address.

Charcoal Artwork

Custom order pricing

All charcoal portraits are drawn on 100 lb weight paper or thicker, unless it is toned paper (tan or gray, 80 lb) or black (60 lb).

9" x 12" or smaller

- Prices start at $100.00

11" x 14"

- Prices start at $125.00

14" x 17"

- Prices start at $175.00

18" x 24"

- Prices start at $250.00

Graphic Artwork

Custom order pricing

Graphic art can be printed on several mediums. Glass and acrylic prints can also be printed with a transparent background. 

Paper Prints (premium heavy weight paper w/ satin finish) - Available in sizes 5" x 7" through 24" x 36"

- Prices start at $125.00

Canvas Prints (3/4" gallery wrapped canvas w/ satin finish) - Available in sizes 8" x 10" through 24" x 36"

- Prices start at $150.00

Metal Prints (lightweight aluminum panel w/ gloss finish) - Available in sizes 5" x 7" through 20" x 30"

- Prices start at $175.00

Glass or Acrylic  Prints (only glass offered in 5" x 7", only acrylic has a bolt display option) - Available in sizes 5" x 7" through 20" x 30"

- Prices start at $175.00 (bolt displays +$10.00)

Business Services

Custom order prici​ng

Business services are based on recommended quantities ordered. Prices are adjusted based on designs of art, layout, and change in quantity.

Custom Business Logo (high quality image at 1200 dpi; includes all the rights to the image)

- Prices start at $350.00

Pamphlets (tri-fold 8.5" x 11" standard weight paper w/ gloss finish) - Includes layout and 250 prints

- Prices start at $200.00

Event Banner (2.5' x 6' vinyl banner w/ finished edges and grommets for easy hanging) - Includes design

- Prices start at $100.00

Business Cards (premium high-quality paper; standard corners w/ gloss finish) - Includes design and 500 cards

- Prices start at $60.00

Event Decor

Custom order pricing

Event signage and decor is an extremely broad category with many factors. Starting prices are for basic designs and decor, contact us for further details.

Event Sign Rental (available in chalkboard, mirror, antique window, and framed or unframed glass/acrylic)

- Small - $60.00

- Large - $100.00

Name Place Cards (handwriting on customer-provided material, does not have to be paper/cards)

- Prices start at $50.00 for 50 cards

Event Decor (full custom decor for small event; delivery is an additional cost)

- Prices start at $ 500.00

Complete Event Booking (full custom decor, delivery, and set-up for small event; does not include larger supply rentals like tables, chairs, etc)

- Prices start at $1500.00

Custom Framing

Prices listed are for the custom charcoal art sizes. For other sizes, please contact us.

Standard Framing:

- 9" x 12" - $50.00

- 11" x 14" - $55.00

- 11" x 17" - $65.00

- 18" x 24" - $80.00

Premium Framing*:

- 9" x 12" - $260.00

- 11" x 14" - $275.00

- 11" x 17" - $320.00

- 18" x 24" - $395.00

*Premium framing is offered at discounted rates at select times throughout the year. Please contact us for details.

Custom Matting

Prices listed are for custom charcoal art sizes. For other sizes, please contact us.

Single Mat:

- 9" x 12" - $30.00

- 11" x 14" - $35.00

- 11" x 17" - $37.50

- 18" x 24" - $50.00

Double Mat:

- 9" x 12" - $60.00

- 11" x 14" - $70.00

- 11" x 17" - $75.00

- 18" x 24" - $100.00

Choose one (1) color for single layer matting, choose up to two (2) colors for double layer matting.


What are people saying about Artemis?

MY FAVOURITE GIFT EVER!! A drawing of my daughters by the wonderful artist Natalie Steele @artemis_p​ortrait This picture hangs in my house in a place I can appreciate it every day. #gift #daughters #prouddad

- Manu Bennett

(actor - Spartacus, Lord of the Rings, Arrow, Shannara )

Amazing pieces by a talented artist! ... Michelle loves it!

- Riley Vickrey

Would love to see your take on the new Elseworlds Batwoman!

- James Doe

I genuinely thought all your posts were photographs - they're THAT GOOD!

- @yhw.go


I just popped on to Facebook and was greeted by an awesome surprise!! I purchased a chalk drawing in our fall festival silent auction from a parent who is an amazing artist and she has completed it and posted it today. I am simply in awe and in tears!! It’s freaking awesome!! This is her post of the drawing and the original pic she used. I’m just beside myself!!! Thank you so much Natalie!! If you’re looking for a special gift, I highly recommend you check out Artemis Portraits.

- Michelle Zaremba

Thank you!!!!! @artemisportr8 Odin is going to be stoked! @heroesfanfest

- Katrina Law

(singer, actress - Spartacus, Arrow, The Oath )

Man! That's great! He was such a great guy, ya know. That's my uncle, girl, he was a good man. This means a lot. Thank you, darlin'! This is so great!

- Michael Rooker

(actor - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol I & II, The Walking Dead )

Bowled over by the act of love we just received from @artemisportr8 I mean wow! Happy Day of love! It’s so beautiful, what a talent. #thankyou @kirkacevedo

- Kiersten Warren

(actress - Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Independence Day, Desperate Housewives )

Those eyes! He is burning a hole right off the page!

- Susan Patterson

Your stuff's pretty amazing. Thank you for not giving up on your passion!

- Christopher Allen

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